Master Lecture: Logistics & Robotics

João Sequeira and João Aparicio gave a lecture about Logistics and Robotics to a class of  students from the IBS (ISCTE Business School). In this lecture, João Sequeira and João Aparicio  introduced main robotics concepts to the students in the course of Information Systems and ERP (Master of Services and Technology Management). They also discussed possible impacts of using robotics in factories and warehouses.  João Aparicio also talked about his experience in robot competition.


FNR 2017, Coimbra

A team from ISCTE-IUL ACM Student Chapter participated in the FNR 2017 (Festival Nacional de Robotica).

Arduino Day 2017

ISCTE-IUL ACM Student chapter is, once again, involved in the organization of the Arduino Day. It will take place in ISCTE.

A worldwide event bringing together Arduino people and projects. SHARE THE EXPERIENCE! #ArduinoD17

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Venue: Edificio ISCTE II
Av. das Forças Armadas

Smart Class: Hardware Open Source & Robotics

On 13 April we organized the first SmartClass. we organized in conjunction with the discipline of the graduate seminar in Applied Informatics Organizational. The speaker was Carlos J. Costa.