Session about Ransomware

Last Friday, May 12, 2017, there was a massive attack that had a profound impact on more than 200,000 systems worldwide, as well as several users who depended on the services offered by affected companies in more than 150 countries, By the computer virus / malware known as WannaCry.

Throughout this presentation, Flávio Shiva discussed the strengths and weaknesses of this ransomware. He also present real cases of companies that were supported after having suffered such problems. Flávio Shiva is a specialist in Information Security, a partner in iBLISS Digital Security and works for EXIN in the global development of Cyber ​​Security certification standards. Professor for more than 5 years and participated and presented in events in Brazil, Portugal, Uruguay, Angola and Canada. 

After Flavio Shiva, Prof. Carlos Serrao, resarcher of ISTAR-IUL, member of OWASP and AP2SI,  presented OWASP resented Guide for “ransomware” Prevention.