FISTA 15: Contest of Ideias

This is a great initiative of ISTA as a preparation for the annual event FISTA that will happen next ever.

fista15The highlights of the contest:

  • Friday,5th of December from 10h to  12h30m  will be a clarification session. Registration is mandatory: .
  • All group members must attend the clarification session
  • up to 2000€ in prizes

How to Write a Thesis and Survive to the Process

Very usefull for those whom is preparing the masters thesis.

Welcome ipdroid: our newest partner!

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IPDROID provides Website hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Last minute deal!

Want to learn how to develop for Ubuntu Touch?

Come see how tomorrow at ISCTE!

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Events Auditoriums

Yellow folks 🙂

Don’t miss the events updates. Now all events have the indication of the auditorium where the event will occur and we add a new page to help you to get to ISCTE-IUL with no problems.


Any question, don’t hesitate and contact us. We you provide any needed assistance.

Chapter Events

You may be distracted, you may be away but one thing is sure



Don’t miss our scheduled events, they star next week


SmartTalks: Registrations are Open

Extra, Extra, Read all about it. 🙂

Yes, indeed. Registration is now available to our Smart Talks Events. These events are available to general public.
Register and save your seat to your favorite smart talk 😀

More informations about the location of the talks will be made available soon.

SECURITY_!3V3NTZ# Presentation

It’s now available for sharing and promoting the presentation about this event.

Help us, helping you 😀


SECURITY_!3V3NTZ# Registration is Open

Right now you can make registration to the MultiCert session on Friday, 28 of November at 18h00.

Soon we will provide more information’s about the program. Don’t miss it.



Smart Talks 2014: Closed

It’s with great proud that we announce that our Smart Talks has been closed. Our last speaker is Gaspar Brogueira and his talk will be at the first Wednesday  of December.


Don’t be sad, after christmas break and a pause in January (because of schools exams) we will be back in February with more talks. More speaker has already join us to our next talks, but we have always room for one more.

Are you interested in talk? Contact us.