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Genio Presentation

I was made available the presentation of the session about Automatic Code Generation.

Last session of the year

Don’t miss our session with Pedro Azevedo. Register now:

Welcome our new media partner

Portugal-a-Programar is Portuguese community of software development and it has  one of the few, maybe the only, portuguese software development magazine “Programar“.

It is  a pleasure for us to have the support of the portuguese community in our chapter, with this alliance we want to help growing the community.

Our Media Partner

Comunidade Netponto

Clap your hands for our newest  media partner.


Netponto is a community users group with focus in software engineering and development in .NET.

Genio Photo Session



The photo album is published 

We are proud …

— to announce our latest partner:




Jetbrains kindly offer us a license of JetBrains tool/IDE so we can raffle (restrictions apply) at our events.



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If you had been distracted, Wednesday we will have the third session of SmartTalks.

And for our third session

We have António Lourenço to speak to us about automatic code generation, their advantages and challenges.

“Say what?!” you may think. Well, let us say that with technology you could develop full production application, without writing a single line of code. Cool right.


Don’t miss your spot, register for FREE in here.

MongoDB and Librebox Photos

We just uploaded the photos of our latest event. Check them out in our photo gallery.