JustDecompile Engine Open Sourced. Contribute Now

from a great sponsor:

I am happy to announce that starting this week, we are open sourcing the JustDecompile engine. That means developers like you can contribute to the code.

The first 20 users who contribute a new feature or a bug fix will receive up to 15,000 Telerik® points, which amounts to $150 off your next Telerik purchase. So, get into ninja mode and start coding! Just reply to this email with a link to your JustDecompile feature or bug fix, and upon approval, I will add the points to your account.

Contribute to the JustDecompile engine now.

Why open source the engine? This is the next logical step in the evolution of the JustDecompile product. It means you can easily:

  • Add the functionality you need and want
  • Share features and solutions with the larger community for everyone to use
  • Benefit from everyone else’s fixes and additions
  • See the source code and verify for yourself what it does
  • Study the code and get inspired

Help us spread the word. Write a blog post or a review and send us the link, and we will help promote your post through our network.

Learn more about open sourcing the JustDecompile engine.

Happy Coding,
Iana Tsolova
Product Manger