Ubuntu v17@ISCTE-IUL

On the 19th of abril,  Portuguese Ubuntu Community, Master in Open Source Software and ISCTE-IUL ACM Student Chapter organized the Ubuntu v17@ISCTE-IUL, where the new version of Ubuntu was presented. Snaps and Ubuntu Core was also presented.

Arduino Day 2017 @ ISCTE

Software Freedom Day 2016


Ansol organizes Software Freedom Day 2016.


  • 17-09-2016


  • ISCTE-IUL, Edificio Sedas Nunes, Auditorio J.J. Laginha


SmartEvent: Operating Systems

In 20th April, Flavio Moringa, from Caixa Mágica and Tiago Carrondo, from Portuguese Ubuntu Community, participated in our first SmartEvent. The subject was Operating Systems.