European Researchers Night 2017

Last Friday we have been at the European Researchers Night 2017 presenting articles about the advantages of using Gamification and Robotics in programming learning process.

Bem Vindos Ao ISCTE!

Hoje estamos a dar as boas vindas aos novos estudates da do ISCTE-IUL. Estamos em conjunto com os representantes dos cursos e a IEEE ISCTE-IUL.

Workshop Technologies for Healthcare

Last 14th of June, IEEE IMSPT chapter organized Workshop Technologies for Healthcare. The workshop had as main invited speaker Prof. Cristian Gyozo Haba from “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, Romania. Prof. Cristian Gyozo Haba presented his research about Embedded Systems for Ambient Assisted Living.

Our colleague Fernando Bento spoke about Information Systems and Internet of Things, presenting several cases.

Presentation of Undergraduate Research Project Proposals

Several students presented undergraduate research project proposals during research week.

The ACM chair (Joao Aparicio) presented a project related to autonomous driving. Andre Freire presented a project related to computer programming learning.

ISTAR-IUL: great performance in Scientific Award ISCTE-IUL 2017

ISTAR-IUL had the best performance in Scientific Award ISCTE-IUL 2017 among all the ISTA-IUL research centers.  We would like to congratulate prof. Nuno Guimaraes, the director of ISTAR-IUL, in behalf of the performance obtained by the ISTAR-IUL researchers.

We also congratulate Prof. Ricardo Fonseca, that once again obtained the best individual performance. Prof. Ricardo Fonseca was not only the director of ISTA, and was essential in the support of ACM Student chapter.

ISCTE-IUL ACM student chapter had been cooperating with ISTAR-IUL and we expect to continue cooperating in the future.

The ISTAR-IUL placard show some of the projects in which we have been cooperating.

FNR 2017, Coimbra

A team from ISCTE-IUL ACM Student Chapter participated in the FNR 2017 (Festival Nacional de Robotica).

Arduino Day 2017 @ ISCTE

Arduino Day 20017 vai realizar-se mais uma vez no ISCTE.

A não perder!

É gratuito! Entrada Livre.

Talks, Workshops, Demos

Arduino Day, once again in ISCTE!

It is free.

FSFE President’s Talk/ Palestra de Presidente da FSFE

FSFE President’s Talk: The long way to empower people to control technology
Tuesday, 28th March, 2017  18:00h
Auditório JJ Laginha, ISCTE, Lisboa


The long way to empower people to control technology

Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. It is important that this technology empowers rather than restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software.  These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of press and privacy.

The Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology by:

  • Helping individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.
  • Enhancing users’ rights by abolishing barriers to Free Software adoption.
  • Encouraging people to use and develop Free Software.
  • Providing resources to enable everyone to further promote Free Software in Europe.

In this talk Matthias will talk about how he joined the FSFE, highlight the importance of Free Software for society, give some examples of the FSFE’s work from the past 15 years, and show how you as individual or organisation can work with us the FSFE and its local associate ANSOL for software freedom.

This talk, presented in English, is followed by a Q&A session you’ll be invited to participate in, and in there we will cover typical misunderstandings surounding Free Software.


This event is supported by MOSS, the Open Source Masters program in ISCTE, and ISCTE’s ACM Student Chapter.

A SmartTalk about CyberLab Project

Márcio Santos Silva and Domingos Silva gave a talk about CyberDefance in the Master of Computer Science and Engineering of ISCTE, where they presented the CyberLab.


ISCTE-IUL ACM Chapter participated in the FISTA 2017.