Smart Class: Social Network Analysis

We organized the second SmartClass, now in conjunction with Master in Open Source Software of ISCTE-IUL. The speaker was Vasco Monteiro, from NOVAIMS.

The agenda had the following topics: What is SNA? Small World. Concepts. Examples. Explore.

Smart Class: Hardware Open Source & Robotics

On 13 April we organized the first SmartClass. we organized in conjunction with the discipline of the graduate seminar in Applied Informatics Organizational. The speaker was Carlos J. Costa.

New Board







We have a new Board

Chair: Nuno Miguel Paredes

Vice-Chair: Jorge Quitério

Treasurer: Fernando Bento

This month we will have not only Smart-Talks, in a more informal perspective but also Smart-Events.

Next Smart Events:

  • 20th April – Operating Systems
  • 18th May – IOT – Internet of Thing
  • 22th June – Organisational Systems
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